DMR Inventory Services

The Check-Out

A copy of the original ‘Inventory-Report’ is used to accompany the tenant (or their representative) around the property.

The property is re-inspected on behalf of our client and their tenant. Any amendments (outside of fair wear and tear) will be identified and noted.

The areas deemed to be the subject of ‘dilapidation’ are noted by our inventory clerk and identified/discussed with the tenant; areas identified will form the basis of the Check-Out report.

The tenant’s signature (or their representative’s) is obtained, confirming the observations made.

A Check-Out report is compiled, highlighting the areas of ‘change’ which have occurred in the property, during the tenancy period.

A record of the meter readings and keys returned by the tenant, are also noted.

Digital photographs are taken, where applicable, to support the comments/observations made in the Check-Out report.

Our client will receive copies of the Check-Out report; this report will form the basis of discussion between our client, the landlord and their tenant, with regard to elements of possible compensation/costs that may be deemed applicable - due to the dilapidations noted during the Check-Out procedure.