DMR Inventory Services

The Check-In

Using the ‘Inventory and Schedule of Condition’ Report, a tenant is accompanied around the property by our Inventory Clerk, prior to the commencement of a let.

The general standard and condition of the property and its contents, is agreed upon by the tenant (or their representative) and the Inventory clerk.

Joint signatures are obtained, acknowledging the condition of the property, and any points raised in the Inventory’ report are noted in the Check-In report, as applicable.

The original 'Inventory Report' is amended if necessary, and a detailed ‘Check-In’ report produced.

This document is issued to the landlord/agent and tenant for inclusion in the legal documents pack.

Our client will receive copies of the report (for themselves and their tenant), which will also include details of meter readings, meter numbers, the location of the utilities and the number of keys issued, with the relevant areas applicable. Smoke Alarms and Carbon Monoxide Detectors will also be checked and commented upon accordingly.

A Check-In procedure ensures that the standard and condition of a property and its contents, is agreed upon prior to the commencement of a let.

This procedure is designed to minimise the prospect of disputes arising, at the end of a tenancy.